the remediated wall

joshua penrose 


the remediated wall is installed at the Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio, from April 21 thrugh May 20, 2010.
An induction coil is suspended from the ceiling, listening to Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic vibrations. This signal is analyzed by a computer for fluctuating patterns. These patterns, identified as the Schumann Resonances, are then used to modulate the vibrations of the gallery wall.
The installation materials consist of a 7-foot long induction coil, a computer control station (left: live video feed), an amplified tactile transducer installed inside the gallery wall, the personal cell phones of gallery-goers, this website, and a pre-recorded conversation.
The induction coil is made of laminated steel, a custom borosilicate glass coil former, and 20 lbs. of enamelled copper wire coiled onto the glass coil former, consisting of approximately 60,000 wraps.
The analyzed frequency data is broadcasted via the internet utilizing pachube, a realtime data brokerage platform, where it is both stored and made freely available for use.